Health Insurance

Health Insurance Options for You and Your Employees

Peace of mind comes from knowing you and your family are covered and protected by the best health insurance cover.



Your family’s health and safety means the world to you. We understand that and want to help you protect your loved ones from situations beyond your control.


As an employer, you can provide your staff with a cover that provides a holistic approach to their health needs



Health Tips

Get access to vital health tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle, know your product better and help you understand our value additions.

Special discounts for members
Now you can control your costs while giving our members and employees health insurance designed just for them. As a member, you have access to an innovative health insurance price-comparison tool.

Multiple quotes from leading carriers
Provide some basic information and get immediate, no-obligation quotes on the best health plans for you and your office. Individual and small group health coverages are available – at savings for  members.

This user-friendly experience is supported by the personal service of our licensed enrollment specialists. The team can walk you through your enrollment options, answer questions and enroll yourself and employees right over the phone.

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