Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Protect your independence and your assets

If you need long-term care, what would be the potential impact on your retirement assets? As a medical practitioner, you are well aware of the devastating effect an illness, accident, or even the normal effects of aging can have on a family. Personal accident insurance is important coverage that helps pay for the care you may need if you can no longer care for yourself. By taking steps now, you’ll give yourself and your family peace of mind, knowing that there’s a plan in place.

Endorsed by The  Insurance Program, personal accident is one of the leading independent long-term care insurance in the country – providing the following advantages to  members:

  1. Lump Sum payouts
  2. Cushion against medical expenses
  3. Affordable premiums

Special discounts – for  members and their spouses
Multiple carriers – choose the best value among the top (25+) carriers in the LTC market
Multiple products – choose a plan that fits your needs and budget
Wider underwriting – provides more people coverage and/or lower premiums
Service for life – buying through your association provides an advocate for the life of your policy

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